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Advice for an effective process for buying a used car

Advice for an effective process for buying a used car

by Lauren ThompsonDecember 10, 2016

The demand for use car or pre-owned car is increasing day by day in Mumbai. The market for used car is increasing at a rapid rate. Buying a used car for a learner makes sense. Selection should be made properly for a long term benefit. Some steps should be taken into consideration before buying a quality used cars in Mumbai.

Important tips for making buying decision

Proper homework is very important: At the time of decision, buyer should be very clear about the buying plan.

  • Model name: There are many models which are available in the market. Which model the buyer wants to buy?  Not only the model but also the range should also be fixed. That means the first step will be model name and range of the car to be fixed at the time of buying decision.Image result for Easy way to buy cheap and affordable used car for a learner
  • Source name: The source from which the buyer plans to buy the car is to be decided accordingly. Many sources are available in the market now a day. One can buy from car dealers, or personal references or newspaper advertisements. After deciding the source, the buyer can move forward to the final step of buying.
  • Finance: The source of finance should also be decided at the time of decision making. There are many companies are available which are providing loans for a used car purchase. A buyer may want to buy the car with his or her personal fund even. So the source of finance is also important at the time of decision.

Things to check before making a final decision: The final step selection should be based on the result of below-mentioned points:

  • History: The car history should be checked.  Accident cars can be identified by an expert eye. These types of cars should be avoided strictly.
  • The condition of the car: The engine condition is very important for a car to run properly. An expert driver can understand the condition of the engine very easily. Help from an expert driver should be taken. Any sound from the engine is not desired at all.
  • Papers: All the papers like registration paper, smart card, insurance, the tax should be checked carefully.
  • Odometer checking: The odometer should be checked properly by contacting the service center with all the valid documents. So that actual number of kilometers completed by the car can be identified.

These are the important advice should be followed by the buyer before buying a used car.   

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