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Don’t Miss These Facts And Details About Using Testosterone Propionate!

Don’t Miss These Facts And Details About Using Testosterone Propionate!

by Jacqueline KauffmanJune 6, 2017

There are numerous kinds of steroids in the market today. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must have heard about testosterone propionate, which is one of the older steroids. Long before Cypionate and Enanthate testosterone was developed, this was in extreme demand. Here are some of the things worth knowing about testosterone propionate.

The basics

Like other steroids, testosterone propionate is also produced in a lab. It is still used in the bodybuilding circles, as it is identical to testosterone produced by the body. Synthetic testosterone products typically have one or more esters attached to the hormone, which helps in control the release time of testosterone. The half-life of testosterone propionate is around 48 hours. In medical scenarios, this steroid is used for treating low testosterone level. The use of the steroid is common in many countries, including UK. It is also known as Virormone to many and is available as an injectable in strength of 100/2 ml.

Safety considerations

Any form of synthetic hormone is extremely dangerous for the body, especially when used for nonmedical purposes. You need to talk to a doctor before you can start using testosterone propionate for other requirements than intended. There are a few online sellers offering discounts on synthetic testosterone products, but since these are controlled substances, the sale is regulated. It might be illegal in your country to buy testosterone propionate without a prescription.

Deciding on the dosage

With testosterone propionate, you must be careful about the dosage. For patients who are suffering from low T or hypogonadism, a dosage of 50 mg is recommended twice or thrice per week. Doctors will consider the age of the patient and other factors before taking the final call. If you intend to use this steroid for fitness needs, you must check the instructions in detail, as too much of testosterone can cause a number of adverse side effects.

Side effects

There are many side effects of using testosterone propionate without caution, not limited to painful erections, skin issues like acne, reduction in sperm production, male pattern baldness, and changes in libido. Gynecomastia is also a matter of concern.

Most of these side effects are common with other forms of synthetic testosterone, as well. Check online now to know more, and don’t forget to talk to a doctor about therapeutic level doses, especially if you have liver and heart concerns.

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