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Healthy Ways of Coping From A Pedestrian Accident

Healthy Ways of Coping From A Pedestrian Accident

by Lauren ThompsonMarch 25, 2018

According to World Health Organization numbers, an approximate 1.25 million people die as a result of vehicular accidents worldwide. Of these numbers, 4,300 are estimated to perish everyday. This makes vehicular accidents the eighth most common cause of deaths among people around the world, with half of these casualties actually belonging to the WHO category called “vulnerable road users,” which include motorcyclists, bicycle users, and pedestrians. Outside deaths, another 20 to 50 million individuals either suffer from injuries or gain disabilities when surviving such accidents.

What About Evidence, Information

One of the most important aspects of legal considerations in these kinds of accidents will be the kind of information you will retrieve before deciding on your legal options. This means you have to be wary of exactly what is happening while you’re in the scene of the accident.

  • Try to get relevant contact information from the people involved, including fellow drivers, passengers, witnesses, and responding officers. Be polite and retrieve their name, contact information, and license information for correspondence in the future.
  • Given this is a truck accident, find out just who the truck driver is working for, what company this is, and ask your lawyer how you should proceed afterwards. If this is indeed a truck belonging to a company, then chances are an insurance company might be communicating with you soon for a settlement. Kindly reject communication and refer them to your lawyer.
  • Try to get information about the scene. Aside from asking for a copy of the police report, try retrieving a couple of pictures not just of the scene, but of damaged cars, as well as injuries to yourself.

Do You Have Expenses, Insurance Ready

Another important consideration is just how financially prepared  you are for such a situation. Not everyone has emergency funds ready, and not everyone has proper car accident insurance to deal with expenses. Try as much as possible to have the following considered if you’re involved in a car and truck accident:

  • How about documentation? Do you have copies of receipts, records, correspondences, and appointments on all the things you’ve spent on for recovery? These can greatly help establish a case should you need to present documentation. This is different from the documentation above, as this one involves things you’ve spent on.
  • How about insurance? Do you have a car accident coverage on your current insurance policy? If not, and if you’re reading this and you haven’t been in an accident, then now might be a good time to explore your options to get yourself ready.

Consult Legal Advice On Settlement, Trial

When you hear something about legal considerations, sometimes you’d more or less think a potential lawsuit will only end up in one of two things: a settlement, or a trial. This much is true in the case of a car and truck accident, but make sure you consult a lawyer on the right move for you. This is because car and truck accidents aren’t the same for everyone, and sometimes circumstances may dictate a particular advantage depending on the other factors above.

  • Do remember however that both options will likely cost you some degree of money, so be prepared to spend quite a few to achieve the end result you want for yourself.
  • Do remember that there’s no guarantee that either one of these is the “right” option. You and your lawyer may discuss that either one of these options can be the best option for you in your current situation.


Coping from a pedestrian accident is bound to be stressful, given the unpredictable nature of the accident and the injuries it can cause. However, it doesn’t mean treatment should be a slog for you. Proper planning and a calm mindset, alongside the tips above, can help you healthily cope with the situation. You can click here to learn more about the legal aspects of the situation as well.

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