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Importance of Shoes and Tips for Proper Shoe Care

Importance of Shoes and Tips for Proper Shoe Care

by Jacqueline KauffmanMay 11, 2017

  Your shoes reflect your personality. They could speak volumes about you. Buying the right kind of shoes is an art that everybody wants to master. If you are beautifully dressed from head to toe, you will not only feel confident about yourself, but will also feel sense of satisfaction. Let us now find out, how different styles of shoes, non-verbally tells other the kind of person you are.

  1. Trainers- If you are person who wear trainer shoes, people around you ought to assume that you are a fitness freak or into some sports.
  2. Stilettos- Undoubtedly, women look ravishing in stilettos. Stilettos indicate that you are an extrovert woman with a confident persona.
  3. Brogues- People wearing brogues are assumed to be highly fashionable, dependable, smart and casual.
  4. Flats- This tells people that you care more about comfort rather than fashion.
  5. Boots- Boots for men are considered to be absolutely voguish and full of right kind of attitude.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are certain kinds of shoes that go well with casual attire, and there are others that are best for formal occasions.Image result for Importance of Shoes and Tips for Proper Shoe Care

Since, your shoes are an absolutely valued possession, you must also try and take good care of them so that they last longer and look new all the time.

  1. Try not to keep your shoes in a box for a very long time, as they tend to get damaged because of the humidity inside the box.
  2. Always allow your shoes to dry up at room temperature, and also keep them away from heaters so that the leather doesn’t brittle and the color doesn’t fade away.
  3. Bring your shoes out of the box from time to time, to allow all the moisture to dry away.
  4. Clean your shoes with a soft cloth to remove dirt of any type, and later on use a damp cloth for cleaning it. Let the leather dry away naturally, so that your shoes last longer.
  5. Do not use products that contain alcohol, as it could cause discoloration of your shoes.
  6. Shoes trees could also extend the life of your shoes by almost 30{570a9f4278148307cdfa43ef42da165ba6720b48650ace2cbf767d497f96e272}.

Also, if you buy higher quality shoes, or shoes of some famous and renowned brand, you    could always expect them to last longer. They will definitely cost you some extra money, but that is totally worth it.

You could now find wide range of formal and casual shoes online on various online shopping stores. These stores stock some of the best brands when it comes to men and women shoes. Some of the famous online shopping stores that keep your favorite pair of shoes are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal Amazon etc to name just a few. You could buy genuine quality products at reasonable prices through these online stores. So, hurry up, and bring home your favorite piece of sneakers, or boots, or stilettos etc and wow everybody around you. Stay voguish and rock your look!!

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