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Keeping Car Dealership Customers Happy

Keeping Car Dealership Customers Happy

by Paul PetersenFebruary 17, 2017

While the old concept of the used car salesman, with his too bright smile and his loud and ugly sports jacket may have been created more on late night television than the actual car dealership floor – it wasn’t really that far off the mark. True, that old fashion salesman that pushed his customers to a sale have been replaced these days by one that relies on his dealership CRM software to identify customer needs and show how his cars are a perfect reflection of them.

But while CRM packages that identify customer relationship management styles are great for theory, do they really tell a dealership how to make sure his customer is satisfied? They do, but maybe not in the way you imagine.

Touching Base to Keep in Touch

While the software may be useful in giving a sales staffer some ideas on what customers are looking for these days, the most important thing that your CRM software will do is stay in touch with past customers. It will know who is looking for a new car, or at least let them know when the latest models are out. Knowing the customer’s preferences will mean they can dove tail that marketing mailer to fit their needs.

By working on the information given, a business can build up its network and this is essential to successful marketing. When that database of customers is used so that a company reaches out to let them know you care, and the business stays in communication with them, customers respond with loyalty.

Sending out Email Love

Never underestimate the value of email. While social media is the darling of the marketing world right now, email continues to deliver results beyond anything else. It is inexpensive to implement, simple and direct in its approach and continues to deliver because it still feels personal.

Making email a part of your marketing campaign is essential to the survival of any business these days. That is why that first step, keeping in touch, is so important. It helps you to build that email list and keep those customers who want to see your communication.

Rewards Still Count

While those little loyalty cards may seem annoying, they actually work. In fact, any kind of reward program that rewards customers for returning is worth doing. It costs next to nothing, tells you that you have repeat customers and lets them know that you value their business. Best of all, when you have loyal repeat customers they are also often your best salesforce. That is because they will tell others of just how great you are and that kind of marketing is invaluable.

Marketing Comes in All Colors

The bottom line is a simple one. When it comes to marketing a business, you have to include a number of approaches. Keeping your old customers happy, finding new customers and letting potential customers know about you are all part of the game. Marketing online, sending out emails or newsletters and even putting a sandwich board outside your door are all marketing and all part of the plan.

From the high-tech world of social media marketing to basic card exchanges at networking lunches, always keep in mind you have a job in front of you at all times, and that is to let the world know your wonderful dealership is open and ready for business.

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