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Some important facts to know about the anadrol and its effects

Some important facts to know about the anadrol and its effects

by Lauren ThompsonApril 13, 2017

People usually like to have a perfect and fit body in order to gain attraction from the other people, but maintaining a fit and perfect body is actually not an easy thing. The best effective as well as the shortcut method that is helpful for gaining the muscle mass, and also to add strength to the body is the steroids. The steroids are generally anabolic, they are even recommended by the physicians to attain the desired results of bodybuilding. It is a well known fact that steroids are generally called as the testosterone which is nothing but the male sex hormone. Anadrol is a kind of steroid that is most commonly preferred by many people across the globe. In the case of steroids the most important thing that one needs to know is the half life. The half life is said to be the time taken by the drug to lose its physiologic activity to half or otherwise called as the amount of time taken for decaying on its own. Anadrol usually have the elimination time of 15 hours and its half life is about six to eight hours.

What is Anadrol?

Andarol is said to be the synthetic anabolic steroid that is mostly used by the bodybuilders for gaining the muscles and also for treating the loss of WBC in the body. It is actually little bit toxic to the liver when it is exceeded the dosage level and because of the toxicity it is usually recommended for only four to six weeks. It is also generally advised to take the pills only under the doctor’s prescription otherwise when not followed the correct dosage level then it leads to the side effects.

The recommended dosage level per day for most of the men is around 50mg-100mg, crossing which will usually cause the side effects. The high doses are generally not appreciated as this will reduce the appetite to the large extent which is actually not encouraged in case if you are trying for bodybuilding.

What is the best time of taking anadrol?

The anadrol is usually taken at the morning after the breakfast; it can also be taken in the form of two doses that is one at the morning and the other one in the evening. It is always best to take the steroids with more amount of water and is largely taken along with the food and milk. The steroids should not be taken with the empty stomach as this will cause nausea, stomach upset and so on. If the steroid is taken at two different dosages then it will also work well just like in the single dosage. This is because, the half life of the steroids is actually six to eight hours and has the elimination time of 15 hours thus, will not cause any problem if taken in two dosages. It can be taken either before the workout or after the workout; the steroids will not cause any negative effects in this case. Moreover, it cannot be found that when is the steroid get absorbed by the body. After all, the anadrol will not react with the other medicines you have taken along with.

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