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The Basic Guide to Steroids

The Basic Guide to Steroids

by Crystal GoffJuly 8, 2017

Young people who aspire to have great fitness goals and compete to build a nice physique, often opt for steroids. They believe that it aids their process to reach their goal and strengthens them. Many people think that steroids are poisonous substances that make you turn into muscular monsters with shrunken genitals. However, you need to know more of the detail to judge.

The first questions you’d want to ask after knowing the substance is, “what are steroids made of?Well, anabolic androgenic steroids are artificially derived to substitute natural hormone known as testosterone. These are produced to improve muscle growth, improve athletic indulgence, alter physique, and more.

A drug comes with anabolic rating that determines its muscle-building ability, and the degree helps a user’s body retain and use up the protein content. Drugs have been in the market since 1940s and they were initially experimented on military experiments. In 1950s, drugs like Deca Durabolin become opened to public.

Side Effects of Steroids

The most critical part about steroids is their side effects. People will have some type of side effect when consuming something unnatural. These could also be as severe as to threatening life, and the worst side effects are often unavoidable. Some mild side effects tend to come and go with usage.

Practically, the athletic community that allows drug usage makes sure that the athletes have most of benefits and least of side effects. Mildest of effects are acne, insomnia and masculization. Some threatening ones are balding scalp, alteration of testosterone production, raised blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Furthermore, you could also have worse conditions like testicular cancer, kidney damage or failure, heart damage or diseases, liver damage or failure.

Why are steroids used?

Performance enhancement is the basic reason why people use steroids. This can be further divided in more categories like improving strength, speed, and more. One more reason to consider is gaining or losing weight.

Athletes often use drugs to promote their agility and that is why they speed up their steroid cycles. People who play sports like soccer, football, basketball or sprint would preferably want this drug. There are also people who use this for muscle growth. Power-lifters, shot put throwers, and even footballers fall in this category.

There are athletes who want to gain more strength or speed without adding a lot of muscles. They too have drugs allotted for such needs. Bodybuilders would however want their muscles to show and their cycles are different from athletic requirement.

Steroids do have side effects but to keep them low, you have to know what you should use and if the thing you use is suitable for you or not. Everybody’s health condition doesn’t permit them to have steroids.

It is essential that people make sure what steroids are made of before they choose a particular drug for their treatment. Not knowing the chemicals and their reaction can lead you into trouble. Don’t get into a condition where you face an irreversible problem and have no way out or cure!

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