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The Role of Family Law Firms

The Role of Family Law Firms

by Lauren ThompsonMay 28, 2018

The duties of family lawyers are as important as doctors as they provide the best advices to keep life happy. A business centre in which the advocates practise is termed as law firm. But, the family law firms are slightly different as what they deal with are quite the sentiments and emotions. The parties to the case in the family law cases are often relatives, spouses or people of same kindred. Thus, the dissatisfaction of any kind or contradicts in the opinions can bring them to fights which finally ends in the intervention of court. Here comes the importance of household legal adviser companies to either negotiate the clashes or to forward the case to court.

The family lawyers usually practise in big phratrycanonsagencies or they practice as a freelancer. However the selection of the lawyer is crucial. The major criteria of selection found to be the firm which the lawyer practises. The reputation, number of winning cases, customer service and the experience of the firm is considered when selecting a family legal representative.

The mere business motive could not help the clients to achieve the best outcome to their problems. Thus, the law firm should have the knowledge and experience to handle the family law cases with patience in order to overcome the emotional dilemma. A lawyer from a firm which is experienced and having scholarliness in the family law always seek advises from the senior lawyers. This also makes the decision flawless and could get the desired results in short periods. The negotiations or mediations are also conducted by the lawyers, sometimes with the involvement of kinship legislation association which makes the demands stronger. This kind of out of the court settlements minimizes the expenditure of the client. It includes the no court fees, exclusion of the fees for witness and also reduced fees for the lawyer. So, in such cases the lawyer should not deviate the case to court for his personal benefit instead he/she has to take the shortest and easiest way to the solution.  Thus, the credibility of the lawyer depends on the performance of the family law firm which he is appointed from.

Any complaints about the carrying of the case by the lawyer can be sent to the authority in the domestic regulations enterprise. If the lawyer is a freelancer the chance for review and complaints is less. Thus, the chance for improvements in performance is also low. Some of the eminent family law firms in the world famed for their efficient services are given below:

  • Latham and Watkins (Los Angeles)
  • Baker McKenzie (Chicago 1949)
  • Kirkland and Ellis (since 1909)
  • Clifford Chance (London since 1987)
  • DLA Piper (London and Chicago)
  • Skadden, Arps and company (New York since 1948)
  • Dentons (London and Chicago)
  • Allen and Overy (London)
  • Jones Day (Cleveland since 1893)
  • Linklaters LLP (London since 1838)


All these familial legal firms have their practise in both local and international levels by having offices in numerous countries across the world.

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