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Tips For You When Shop Makassar Gold Silks Pearls Souvenirs

Tips For You When Shop Makassar Gold Silks Pearls Souvenirs

by adminJuly 24, 2017

When you come to Makassar it will feel tasteless if not bring makassar gold silks pearls souvenirs back home. Makassar is an interesting place with an interesting culture. Makassar is the largest port city in Eastern Indonesia with a distinctive culture. Makassar not only has many historical places and scenic spots to tour, but also has a distinctive craft.

The most striking handicrafts in Makassar are handicrafts made of gold, silk, and pearls. Makassar gold silks pearls crafts has unique characteristics with local crafts typical style. Because of its uniqueness, Makassar’s crafts are often used as souvenirs for tourists who visit. When you visit Makassar, be sure to bring one or two of these handicrafts as souvenirs when returning. And when you want to shop Makassar’s crafts to be used as souvenirs, you can use some of the following tips.

  • Come To Somba Opu Street

Somba Opu street is the best place for you to shop Makassar souvenirs. Somba Opu street is the name of the street, where along Somba Opu street stand many souvenir shops. At Somba Opu street, you can buy various kinds of crafts, ornaments, fabrics, jewelry, unique items, and various other souvenirs.Shopping at Somba Opu street will allow you to enjoy the traditional atmosphere while choosing souvenirs.

  • Don’t Just Visit One Store

If you shop for souvenirs by coming to Somba Opu street, there will be many stores that you can go to. Each store offers items that could be the same, could be different. In addition, it is possible between one store and another store has a different price for one same item. Therefore, when shopping for souvenirs do not just visit one shop only. You can take a walk to enjoy the atmosphere along Somba Opu street while choosing souvenirs.

  • Don’t Be Hasty to Buy

When choosing souvenirs, there is no need to rush to buy. You can enjoy your time while choosing souvenirs. Because on Somba Opu street, there are many items that you can choose. Rush in buying will actually make you not able to enjoy your time while choosing souvenirs. In fact, this is where the uniqueness of the atmosphere when shopping souvenirs on Sompa Opu street.

  • Make Sure To Bargain The Price

Another advantage of shopping for souvenirs on Sompa Opu street is at the item price. At Somba Opu street, you can bargain the price of the item you choose. If your bargain ability is good, the price of the item you buy will be very satisfying. But if you do not bargain, the price of the item you choose can be very high. Therefore, always make sure to bargain when buying souvenirs at Somba Opu street.

Makassar gold silks pearls items Will be the best memories when you travel to Eastern Indonesia. Bringing back these souvenirs will be able to remind you of the natural beauty and cultural richness that exist in Indonesia during your journey. Hopefully your trip in Indonesia will be always memorable and unforgettable.

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