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Top Dog Feeding Habits

Top Dog Feeding Habits

by Lauren ThompsonJune 18, 2018

Every dog owner wants the best food for their pet. You can create the best diet for your dog in various ways. However, before settling on one, ensure the new diet does not affect its digestion. It is advisable to throw away all pet food left uneaten after 20 minutes.

Your dog should have a constant supply of drinking water. Feeding regimes should include home-made foods, tinned or semi-moist dog food served with biscuit mixer, and complete dry diets.

Dry Complete Foods

The quality of the dry complete dog foods available on the market varies considerably. Choose a diet that is specially designed for your pet to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. Top-rated dry foods have the highest quality of ingredients. Most of them are based on corn, rice, and chicken.

Although high-quality food can be quite expensive, you do not need to feed your pet with large portions. Using smaller portions can helpminimize waste and save youmoney in the end.While some pets are not familiar with dry foods,they tend to like them with time.

It is advisable to soak the food in Luke warm water if your pet does not seem to like the complete dry diet. Mixing with a small amount of tinned food can also help. The quantity of warm water or tinned food gets reduced gradually until the dog accepts complete dry diet.

Home-Made Food

It is quite challenging to get this balanced diet right. Hence, it is advisable to select one that is tested. Puppies need excellent food growing up. A slight imbalance in their diet may harm normal growth and development. Any diet change should be implemented gradually for at least a week.
Gradual change avoids digestion upsets. It is suggested that you use a new diet for at least ten days before changing.

Tinned and Semi-moist Foods

Tinned and semi-moist foods vary in quality. Therefore, select thehighest quality food that features easily digestible ingredients like rice and chicken. Furthermore, get specific food that is nutritionally complete. This type of food does not need additional recipes to make it a balanced diet. In the case of a puppy, avoid rapid changes in their diet. Whenever you find a product that works for them, stick to it.

Best Puppy Diet

Puppies need a special diet. They grow 20 times faster than adult dogs. Therefore, diet options ought to assist in their rapid physical development. It is recommended to get help from a breeder to create a diet that features specially formulated pet food for growth.

These young ones need to get fed at uniformly spaced intervals to evade over-stretching their small stomachs. Puppies should be fed four times a day until they reach four months. Reduce feeding to three times daily until they hit the age of six months. From then on, your dog can be fed twice a day for the rest of its life.

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