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What To Do During Slips and Falls

What To Do During Slips and Falls

by Crystal GoffApril 3, 2018

Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that around 646,000 people actually perish due to injuries suffered in accidental and/or unintentional falls. This makes it the second most common cause of these fatalities worldwide, mostly affecting people over the age of 65. Outside these numbers are a staggering 37.3 million more that while they don’t die from the falls, they suffer injuries severe enough to need a trip to the emergency room to receive immediate care and medical services. These numbers, coupled with the reality that slips, trips, and falls are indeed becoming increasingly common due to hazards that can be found anywhere, then one important aspect of dealing with these accidents is knowing what to do during slips and falls. Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure you get immediate medical attention. After the incident, don’t immediately get up but make sure to do it slowly. Regain your composure and make sure you can use all your five senses. If you feel pain, where in particular do you feel it? Is there a wound there? Regardless if there’s a wound or not, make sure you have all areas of pain checked to medical professionals. In fact, as soon as you gain composure after the accident, call for medical attention right away. This is because internal injuries, head trauma, broken bones, and other injuries can put yourself in danger.
  • Make sure you check the area where the accident happened. Remember, chances are you slipped, tripped, and fell for a particular reason. Try to check if there’s anything that would’ve caused the accident to happen, such as a loose carpet, uneven concrete, or even spilt food. Try to make a personal note or recollection of the event as soon as you’re able, or even take pictures of the scene and your injuries if you have the time. This can be evidence your lawyer needs to be able to use if you make a case.

  • Make sure you identify witnesses and get their contact information. If you saw other people in the area when the accident happened, try to ask them if you can have their contact information such as their name, place of work, address, and contact number. They may be able to help if you need witnesses should you choose to push through with a lawsuit.
  • Make sure you follow all procedures in the area of the accident, if there are any. If for instance your particular accident happened inside a restaurant, a store, or any kind of enterprise, make sure you take note of what sort of protocol they have. Whenever someone interacts with you, especially if it’s an employee of the establishment, make sure you ask for their name, position, and contact details. Make sure a manager and/or supervisor is notified of what’s happened to you right away.
  • Make sure you interact and get in touch with your lawyer. A slip and fall injury isn’t something to joke around with, as injuries you may experience in such a slip and fall can be very dangerous for your health. If you have the time, make sure your lawyer is notified of your whereabouts, what’s happening, and ask advice on what your next move should be.


Always remember that while slips and falls may seem like simple things you can just shrug off, neglecting to get yourself checked after one can pose grave risks to your safety and overall health. Click here to read more about the legal options you have after such incidents.

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