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What to Do in Flores

What to Do in Flores

by Leon PierceJune 5, 2018

“Sekali mendayung, dua tiga pulau terlampaui (Passing two, 3 islands in one row)”. This Indonesian idiom is the equal of”killing two birds with 1 stone”. It perfectly sums up what to do in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The island’s name comes from the Portuguese for”flowers.” Flores is abundantly blessed with spectacular mountainous views and colorful underwater scenery, let alone the famous Komodo dragon. Book a flight to the island, and you’d be surprised that you could indulge yourself with a broad selection of actions by visiting just one site. Here are only four thrilling choices to gratify yourself with Flores’ beauty:

1 | Sail on life aboard ship

Fitting rolling waves and sleeping in a luxurious hotel sounds so yesterday. Why don’t you try a brand new sensation of relishing the sea on a liveaboard vessel?

Flores is currently famous with live-onboard cruises provided by holiday excursion organizers. The onboard journey usually takes between 3 as well as 7 days departing from Labuan Bajo Port.

Flores is the Komodo National Park is situated. The playground consists of islands with astonishing hills and underwater scenery. The cruise will bring you to some number of the enchanting islets, like Rinca Island, home of Komodo dragons, and Padar Island that’s flanked by 3 gulfs.

2 | Visit local villages

If you’re keen to learn about local cultures, spend your time in Flores’ local villages. Flores has a famed village called Wae Rebo, which local folks called as village above the clouds because of its location on top of a mountain in Manggarai Regency.

Flores also has other cities that are as exotic as Wae Rebo. By way of example, there are megalithic cities such as Bena Village in Ngada Regency, also an 800-year-old Wologai Village in Detusoko District of Ende, and Wolojita Village, also in Ende — that is famed for the mummy of its priests.

3 | Plunge to the magic underwater planet of Flores

Flores is a paradise full of colorful coral beaches. Don’t hesitate to dive into Flores’ sea to appreciate its beautiful underwater world, in which groups of vibrant fishes float at the spectacular corals.

Among the many gorgeous beaches in Flores, Pink Beach is the ultimate option to visit. Named after its pink sands, the site boasts colorful corals are spreading along the seabed.

4 | Compete at Tour de Flores 2018

Flores has tried to attract international attention through its yearly world-class bike race, known as Tour de Flores.

Tour de Flores is a yearly sporting event approved by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in Asia. This year, the race will take place from May 6 to 16. Participants can enjoy the beauty of the exotic island through paths spanning along scenic beaches and villages as they compete in a grueling competition to be the fastest.

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