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Why Would You Love To Date An Escort Having Full Body?

Why Would You Love To Date An Escort Having Full Body?

by Patrick GraysonNovember 15, 2017

The media always brims with the drastic weight-loss journeys of the rich and famous. It seems to be an eternal advocate of the rail-thin models. However, if you judge by the standards of the evolutionary psychology, you will get a different answer. A number of studies and researchers have testified that men, by and large, find women with well-shaped bodies more attractive than a skinny one. In fact, there are specific body shapes that men find particularly attractive. Ever wondered what they could be?

The Science Behind It

Being a man, you would be attracted naturally to your mate to produce as many offspring as you can manage. Hence, when you look at a woman, you would consciously or unconsciously focus on her fertility, youth, and overall health. The physical appearance of the woman depends a lot on these aspects. In simple words, the type of a woman’s body directly speaks about her fertility and health. Accordingly, a majority of clients looking for escorts in reliable websites like tend to search for women having lesser WHR or waist-to-hip ratio. This means that a woman, who is neither petite nor too plump, indicates youth and strong sexual maturity.

Women Sleeping With Their Men

Even your escort has the liberty to choose or reject your offer of sleeping with her. Different girls have different definitions of finding a man sexy. But by and large, it often boils down to certain aspects like the sense of humor, polite manners and courteousness. Physically, women fantasize men having a ripped body, a sexy smile and even their height.

The Bottom Line

The next time you click a link and see a girl with short pieces of denim and tight-fit tops taking your breath away, give her a serious consideration. Watching and exploring her curves can actually work as a soothing ‘tonic’ to your brain. If you take it from the veterans, then it would give you a pleasure similar to taking drugs or consuming alcohol. Perhaps, this also offers a believable explanation of why men love watching pornography. Now you know that you have enough reasons to stare and crave for a lady having an hourglass figure!

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